Our Approach

​At 'The Mind-Brain School', we use a unique, holistic approach...





International educational presenters​ 'The Mind-Brain Lady' & 'The Mindful Man'

We are now teaching ​YOU, ​with a holistic approach, the practical tools, techniques and knowledge to REALISE AND REACH your
INCREDIBLE TRUE POTENTIAL – with ONLINE courses, based on our highly recommended face-to-face workshops!

We, remove the complexity & mystery surrounding OUR MIND & BRAIN; the part of our body which is so crucial & fundamental to our very existence - empowering everyone with the knowledge of what’s going on inside their own minds, brains and bodies when they learn, think, feel, move, eat, sleep and act - and the strategies & benefits to improve well-being, health, happiness & longevity. 

From the founders of Above & Beyond Education – where we teach the Brain-Science behind staff & student well-being, and its direct impact on teaching & learning: to provide practical tools, techniques, pedagogical practices and knowledge to improve staff & student well-being AND teaching & learning simultaneously, in a whole-school approach.


What we offer is a game-changer for Your future, and not just for education.
We truly practice what we preach; and we know that what we teach really works.

Our unique, evidence-based, Well-Being focused, Brain-based courses, take a holistic approach
supported by evidence & recommendations from:

The Fields of Cutting-edge Neuro-Science & Psychology
The OECD’s Centre for Educational Research & Innovation (CERI)
The Australian Student Well-Being Framework
The WA Education Department’s FOCUS 2020 Future Strategic Directions
The World Health Organisation
PCRM - The Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine
Professor Donna Cross, University of Western Australia - Director & Program Head, Development and Education
Professor Pankaj Sah, Director of The Queensland Brain Institute at The University Of Queensland,
PESA (Positive Education Schools Association)
Dr Jared Cooney Horvath, Educational Neuro-Scientist
The Federal Education Department
The Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth
Neurologist turned Educator, Dr Judy Willis
Dr Joe Dispenza
Dr Bruce Lipton
Nancy Chick, Centre for Teaching Assistant Director at Vanderbilt University
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Harvard University’s Health Division
CQUniversity Australia
England’s National STEM Learning Centre
Psychologist Dr Carol Dweck
Psychologist Albert Ellis & Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy 

​For more research, visit: www.abovebeyondeducation.com/the-research​​​