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Manage My Emotions – NOW!

A Well-Being Course for kids aged 6-12 to help them stay calm in the moment with Brain-Science.


Presented by ‘The Mind-Brain Lady’ & ‘The Mindful Man’.
We are teachers specialising in A Holistic Approach to Educational Neuro-Science, with a combined 13 years of successful classroom teaching experience. We are international educational-motivational presenters on the topics of well-being, teaching & learning. This isn’t your average online course!!

“Fantastic with the kids, interactive and so much information. My son is still talking about them and singing the song!”Renee, Parent

* Does your child often get angry, upset, nervous or anxious?
* Does your child struggle to deal with their emotions?
* Would your child benefit from a range of easy, practical strategies they could use in the moment, to help them better manage their emotions?


So why focus on Well-Being?

If we get well-being right we enhance academic outcomes & quality of learning; we improve life success in children.”
– Professor Donna Cross, University of Western Australia – Director & Program Head, Development and Education

Helping children manage their emotions and improving their well-being is an absolute MUST if we want to give children the best chance at having a happy and successful life! If a child’s brain isn’t in a positive state of well-being, they literally can’t learn as effectively and remember what they are being taught.

So why based on Brain-Science?

“Students who understand how their brain works always perform better than those who don’t.”
Dr John Pelley, Professor of Medical Education.

When children understand the WHY and the HOW behind the practical strategies we teach them, to help manage their emotions, they are much more likely to understand the benefits and remember them in a time of need. We give children an easy to understand overview of how their brains work and what’s happening in their brains when they get upset, angry or anxious, in a really fun and engaging manner. This empowers them to take ownership over their own well-being.

“The kids have talked about it to friends and family and use the terminology regularly, so it definitely sunk in. Would highly recommend!” Jasmina Purvis, WA Home-School Group Coordinator


  • How to recognize their emotions; what they look like & feel like
  • How to manage their own emotions
  • Simple, practical tools & techniques for self-regulation
  • How to cope with anxious & angry feelings in the moment
  • How their own mind & brain works
  • How to take back control of their brain, mind & emotions
  • How to help themselves feel calmer and happier

As mentioned, this isn’t your average online course!

It’s empowering, engaging & interactive, with:

  • exciting VIDEOS
  • awesome VISUALS
  • YOGA

….and it’s all based on cutting-edge brain science & psychology!

“I’m still telling my family about your awesome lesson. I’m feeling much more positive than I was in the morning.” – Student


It has changed the way I think about myself, thank you!” – Student

We are young, FUN & relatable – with a combined 13 years teaching experience. Plus, we’ve taught these strategies all across Australia & NZ in our face-to-face workshops.

PLUS… the Mind-Brain Lady specialises in Educational Neuro-Science – so it’s all taught in an enjoyable, easy-to-understand, effective way – to help your children manage their own emotions – NOW!!!!

This highly engaging well-being course will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete (including time for the activities). It can be done in one go or you can log back in and complete it in several stages.

It also includes 4 downloadable & printable digital posters, which you can see in the materials section at the top, once you have logged in.

**Also for Australian families, this course meets some HPE and Personal & Social Capability Outcomes from the Australian Curriculum.

Children will require: blank pieces of paper + textas/pencils/pens.
For best results, we recommend parents join their children for this course.

*Please be aware, when you purchase access to this course, you are purchasing access strictly for 1 family/household and you are NOT permitted to share your log-in details with other families.

“They know the content, believe it and truly live it! Their presentation was sharp, creative, informative and fun. Our kids learnt so much and were engaged throughout. Thank you!Angela Gorman, Teacher & Parent.

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You Control Your Brain
Why do we need a happy brain?
Chill-out with Music
Breathe away the bad stuff
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The Power Stance
An Attitude of Gratitude
Movement is magic
The Trick Smile
You Control Your Thoughts
Remember YOU have the POWER