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At The Mind Brain School we offer online courses and programs for all ages, to help you and your family meet their incredible true potential!
Many of these courses are based on our highly recommended, face-to-face workshops that we've run across Australia & New Zealand.
We've recently launched our '21 day Happy, Healthy, Holistic Program' for adults 16-60.

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21 Day Happy, Healthy, Holistic Program! Change your brain, Change your life

Teaching Online Made Easy with Brain Science. For HASS & Science Teachers Yr 3-10

Manage My Emotions – NOW!
Well-Being course with Brain-Science for Kids 5-12

Homeschooling: Where to Start with ‘The Mind-Brain Lady’

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See what others are saying
Principals & Teachers Across Australia & NZ

Michael E. Bernard, Ph.D

Professor, Melbourne Graduate School of Education
Emeritus Professor, California State University Long Beach
Psychologist, & Founder of 'You Can Do It! Education'

"Tammy-Anne is an exceptional teacher and workshop presenter for sure! She is very smart, creative and enthusiastic. She has great ability to communicate complex mind-brain concepts at a level that can be absorbed by anyone. And she is an excellent listener making her a pleasure to work with. I have been present at her professional development workshops and programs - she gets an A+ from me and from everyone who attends. You can trust that she will deliver very professional, dynamic presentations for teachers, students and parents. I commend her to you, 100%!"


A term's worth of customised projects and tasks based on your child's strengths, passions, interests and likes.
All mapped to the Australian Curriculum.

We use a unique, holistic approach, all based on the latest in brain-science and psychology. 
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The Mind Brain School is brought to you by Tammy-Anne & Todd, aka 'The Mind-Brain Lady' & 'The Mindful Man'.
You can find our face-to-face workshops for schools and homeschool families -> HERE <-

This program is intended as information only and not a guarantee of outcome.
We are not medically trained and such information is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for advice provided by a doctor or qualified health care professional.
Whilst the information shared is all based on research and evidence, The Mind Brain School is not responsible for errors or omissions in reporting or explanation.